Events - There is always something going on

A very important part of Game Night will be unique and signature events. Events are where the community gets together en mass bringing board gaming to the next level. Not only will GN host its own events but it will support the events of its members and the greater community. Look for the following events when we are open:

Contests of Champions

Contests of Champions will be member lead events. Any member may host a CoC and will be supported by Game Night. In a CoC a member will nominate an official night to host a particular game. This will be the CoC game of the night and all attendees are encouraged to bring copies and to teach the game to new comers. The event will run for 6 weeks with the first two weeks being the learn to play period, the second two weeks being open play and the final two weeks being ranked play with a final winner.

GN Mini SpielS

A protospiel is game design and test play event. Game Night Mini-Spiels will be monthly designer test play sessions. During a mini spiel we will be open early on a weekend to host board game designers to run test play sessions of of their games. During this time our doors will be open at no cost to people willing to test play their games.


Meet-n-Greet nights will be an opportunity for anyone to come by to meet, mingle, and game. Whether you are looking to join a gaming group, form a new gaming group, make new friends, or just have a great time this is your opportunity. Groups will be randomly assigned and social / party games will be played with socialization down-time between. Any non-member participating will be eligible for membership discounts.

GN Bazaar

On flea market days GN will open early on the weekend. Anyone my pay purchase limited table space to sell their used games and our doors will be open to all interested in purchasing.  

Additional events

  • Designer Days - GN will be coordinating with designers to promote their games.
  • Food Truck Nights - GN doesn't serve dinner... no problem enjoy fine food truck fair