I have been actively designing games for over a year and have been participating in the local California bay area design community and events. My designs range in complexity and style of play but always focus on bringing something new and novel to the game table. I love the creative outlet of game design and the challenge of solving the many problems that come up in a design. Several of my games are ready to present to publishers. I am attending Gen Con 2017 and I am honored and excited that Stardust will be in the Designer / Publisher Speed Dating Event. Checkout my games below and feel free to contact me about test play for game players and game publishers.


Stardust is a new twist on pickup & delivery / worker placement. Players send large and small ships to 5 separate planet boards to pickup and trade cargo cubes. The planet boards rotate each round revealing new production and trade options which also drives a simple economy. Players play station cards to planets to augment their ship actions, play contract cards to their best advantage, and also vie complete missions.




Singularity is unique cyber-punk fusion of worker placement and puzzle game elements. Players place their Avatars on client spaces to work jobs for them unlocking the board how they choose. At anytime players can instead choose to run the net to gain more resources. The net is 3x3 grid of net tiles that players manipulate using their programed software cards to connect links to the resources they need. Players earn two types of points fame and fortune on an opposed victory track. When they meet your are rich and famous.

Meeple Minions

Meeple Minions is a family game designed to teach worker placement mechanics to those new to the game play mechanic. It is silly and surprisingly strategic fun for all ages. Players have 7 days to collect plans, tools, and parts to build wacky inventions. Build the most and best and you win. There is always a play to make and no one can get blocked. You know you want to build a sweet Pinat-drone!

Planet Chasers

Planet Chasers is a light filler game that still brings interesting decisions. Players roll two dice each turn allowing them to place their fleets on their planets colonize space or their opponents planets conquest space. Movement arrows rolled allow you to move your fleets around or bring them back from hyperspace after scoring a planet. Planets are one of three colors and are stacked as you score them covering previous planet powers with a new power. Planet powers are used to modify die rolls.


Dice Command: Engage! is a fresh take on tactical starship combat. It combines realtime dice rolling with grid based movement and range. The dice represent the crew of your ship. In real time players roll their dice and allocated officers rolled to the bridge section of their player board and crew rolled to the ships systems. At any time players hit the ENGAGE! buzzer to stop live play and take actions by spending their dice. Its a game of quick wits, ups and downs, and Awww!!! moments that will leave you wanting to play again.