Interview with Poppy Jasper Games

I had the pleasure to be joined by Micheal Hill the Board Game Hipster and blogger for Mayday games as we interviewed local designers Brian & Danny of Poppy Jasper Games  about their games Gnomi the simple and fun card game that you can play anywhere, and Lost Woods the family friendly "dungeon craw" through the forest for all ages. Both for sale on their webpage. After the interview we discuss games played and new games!

Other mentions are:

Dale of Merchants 2 - by Sami Laakso

Herbacious - by Edaurdo Baraf of Pencil First Games

Cry Havoc - by Portal Games designed by Grant Rodiek of Hyperbole! Games (Famageddon, Hocus)


The pilot episode! Hope everyone enjoys. Please leave your comments and feedback.

00:02:37 - Outside the Box: Round-table discussion with Kevin Craft, Michael Dunsmore, Steve O'Brien

00:24:26 - Inside the Box: Detailed review and analysis of 51st State Master Set by Portal Games

01:04:10 - Under the Table w/ Jordan: A look into the what, why, and how of Game Night.

01:23:16 - Guest Interview: The new board gamer perspective with Steve O'Brien