Game Night is proud to produce the Game Night Nation Podcast. The GNN podcast is your source for keeping engaged and up to date in the board gaming hobby and the Game Night community and beyond. Game Night is in the unique position to bring you:

  • Game reviews and analysis from the GN community experts. We will be bringing on air our community members who have been living and breathing a specific board game to give you their thoughts and opinions not the quote unquote "board game guru's" opinion who may have played the game once or not at all.
  • Round table discussions where 4-8 of our community members will be on air to present unique opinions allowing listeners to hear from varied perspectives and reach their own conclusions.
  • The latest news on what is hot in board gaming and at Game Night.


I had the unique opportunity to record the industry design panel from the San Jose proto-spiel 2016 board game testing event at Game Kastle Mountain View on 4/17/16. The panel discusses many aspects of game design and publishing. There is some amazingly valuable content here, I think they did even better than last year check it out...