We are going above and beyond to make Game Night the best place to game period.

Game Night will be small and intimate with a bright and inviting atmosphere. We are currently looking for 1500+ sf of space in the San Jose / Santa Clara area. This will support 13 tables and up to 50+ gamers. 

Details will depend on our brick and mortar location but here are some features to look forward to...


Quality Furnishings

Board game tables will be provided by Boardgamingtables.com. A walnut finish will have a rich dark aesthetic complimented by dark blue fabric and detailed with the Game Night logo. Smaller game tables along with chairs will also be made from quality wood. 



Lounge Area

The lounge area will be located at the front providing a space for people to socialize, wait for their friends, find a pickup game, or just relax while deciding what games to play.



The Value of Quiet

We understand the importance of reducing noise so people can relax and think. Game Night will incorporate acoustical treatments including wall and ceiling panels to reduce back ground noise.



Obviously your going to want to hang out for a while, so snacks and drinks will be available for purchase. In addition we are working on a beer and wine license to be able to offer these as well.